Monday, January 30, 2012

Unlock Huawei E173 Modem

Unlocking tutorial for Huawei E173u-1 dialog dongle

1. Find Your Huawei e173 IMEI Number


2. Find Your Unlock code & Flash code of Huawei e173

          Go to

                Then enter imei no & security code

                Click on calculator 

















You must have noted down a 15 digit IMEI number, unlock code & flash code of your Huawei modem.

3. Download this software

               Huawei E-173u-1Firmware update 


4. Then plug in the Huawei e173 to your desktop/laptop. (Without sim)


5. after all the drivers have been loaded just double click on E173Update.exe and it will find your data card automatically.














Then the process will start and on the next screen you will be asked to give flash code or unlock code as your password.

6. As this step completes your software will be updated successfully.Finish the wizard and safety remove your dongle.

Enjoy using your Huawei e 173 modem with any of the service provider you want.



  1. am getting an error data card cannot be found Error Code: 2

    one of the following reasons may cause the error

    a, data card is not properly connected to PC
    b, other programe isusing the data card
    c you dont have the authorithy of the administrator

    Kindly help me am the admin of my system

  2. It's very really amazing information.
    But Before read that post.I unlocked my Dongle with a help of for use my own sim card.